Scientific research results

Curcumin has undergone many years of scientific research and pharmacological effects, such as lowering blood lipids, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, and anti-atherosclerosis. In 2004, it was discovered that curcumin could inhibit the activity of HIV-1 integrase and was used in clinical trials of AIDS. In addition, anti-cancer is one of the main pharmacological activities of curcumin, and its anti-tumor effect has been repeatedly confirmed in many animal experiments, and its specific anti-cancer mechanism has become a recent research hotspot.

Foot Soaking Recipe

Foot bath therapy is a type of treatment outside China. The medicine stimulates the acupoints and meridians at the bottom of the foot to achieve the purpose of curing diseases. Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to the important role of feet in health preservation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "cold starts from the feet", "wetness enters from below", and "sickness enters from below". Soaking feet has many benefits, and it is also very suitable for urbanites, such as: strengthening immunity, enhancing the excretion function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, promoting metabolism, eliminating fatigue, improving sleep, removing cold and dampness, soothing tension and anxiety.

Multifunctional electric immersion machine, stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet.

The sole of the foot is the most exhausted and hardest part of the human body, and many meridians and acupuncture points that can regulate the function of the whole body are also located in the foot. The foot is known as the "second heart", and it is also the turning point of the entire human body. By stimulating the plantar reflex area and acupuncture points, it can help improve the function of the whole body, enhance resistance and prevent diseases.

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